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Kyrie Irving thinks he is very knowledgeable about basketball: "I'm an actual genius when it comes to this game."

Kyrie Irving

The Boston Celtics are currently in a really good position after facing the Bucks for the first two games. They are heading to Boston for game 3 & 4 after they stole one game in Milwaukee. One of the biggest reasons why Boston got blown out in game 2 was the lack of scoring effort from their best player Kyrie Irving.

Irving had an incredible performance in game 1 when he ran the entire Celtics offense efficiently and displayed some really good leadership which lead to a surprising win against the Bucks.

In recent months, Irving was a player often criticized by the media in regards to his behavior towards his teammates and the public. There were always rumors circulating around about Irving being unsatisfied with the team and reporters were already writing about Irving leaving the team to go and play for the Knicks.

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Irving himself said that he was tired of reporters and so-called NBA analysts who were disrupting his privacy and bringing into the conversation things that were not strictly related to basketball. Irving said he can talk about basketball all day long because he considers himself to be a genius in that field.

"I've been playing basketball a lot longer than some of these people analyzing the game,' Irving says. "I'm an actual genius when it comes to this game. If you ask me about basketball, I will talk all day. If you ask me about spacing at the 3:33 mark of the second quarter, I will gladly explain it. I'll tell you what plays worked, about the adjustments we make. But when it comes to personal things, or comparing myself to my NBA brothers, like, 'Do you think you are better than this guy?' I'm out."

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