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Kyrie Irving opens up about the disappointing season with the Brooklyn Nets and letting everyone down: "Part of that letdown feeling definitely seeped in"

Kyrie Irving opens up about the disappointing season with the Brooklyn Nets and why this was the most challenging season of his career
Kyrie Irving opens up about the disappointing season with the Brooklyn Nets and his future

Kyrie talked about being unvaccinated and how that created an incredible amount of pressure was put on him because of his decision

Kyrie Irving reflected on his last season, saying it was the most challenging one in his entire career and how when it started, he wasn't prepared for everything that was about to happen to him.

The most difficult season in Kyrie's career

While making a guest appearance on the Boardroom podcast, Kyrie Irving had the opportunity to talk about the disappointing season with the Brooklyn Nets that ended with them getting swept in the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. That was the first time in Kyrie's career he got swept, and he understands the impact that may have on his career, legacy, and the fans that were hoping this team would go all the way when the season started. 

Kyrie talked about being unvaccinated and how that created an incredible amount of pressure that was put on him because of his decision. In his opinion, the narrative a lot of the media members were pushing against him was negative and solely served as a reason to describe him as someone who gave up on his team and the fans. He even started questioning himself at one point because of all that judgment and whether he made the right decision. 

"Not everyone understood my stance this year of being unvaccinated and remaining unvaccinated, and I was asked in all different ways about it, how I felt and was I going to waiver. Whether I was letting the world down, letting the Nets fans down, my teammates down. And ya, part of that let down feeling definitely seeped in because it completely caught me off guard. I didn't expect coming into the season with all of this being put on my plate. It was like an ultimatum given to me whether you work and get vaccinated or you get to sit at home, and we get to talk shit about your decisions, you personally, and make all these judgments."

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It was hard to get through all the criticism

Kyrie, in some way, made NBA history because he decided to stay unvaccinated, and the Nets had to look for different ways to keep him involved and in a position to help the team. At first, he only played away games, and even he admitted he felt like he was constantly trying to catch up to other guys who were playing the entire season consistently. Luckily, he said he received a tremendous amount of support that kept him positive and ready to tackle his challenges. 

"This is what I had to deal with from both ends of the spectrum, and I've sat right in the middle, knowing I was doing the right thing for me. I had to stay rooted in that decision, and I am grateful I had a great support system to get me through it because it wasn't easy."

Kyrie recently received a lot of criticism from several NBA analysts, with Stephen A.Smith being the most vocal one calling Kyrie the most delusional athlete in US history. No matter what he does, Kyrie has been under harsh criticism for the past couple of years, and it won't change anytime soon. The Nets' demise this season will haunt him this summer when he is eligible to sign a new contract worth more than $200 million, and the main question mark is whether the Nets are going to sign him to a max deal. 

In one of his earlier interviews, Kyrie said he wants to stay with the Nets and build with Kevin Durant as his teammate. It will be an exciting summer for Kyrie, and even though his value decreased because of all the drama that happened the past year, that doesn't undermine the fact he is one of the most skilled players in the league. The Nets might risk it and bring him back on a max contract because it's not like they have a bunch of options in front of them. 

There is no question Kyrie will come back ready to play the following season, and now it's time for him to change the negative narrative about him. He can only do that if he remains consistent, plays hard, and actually helps the Nets finally make a deep playoff run, which will change the minds of people who perceive him negatively or think he is an overrated superstar. 

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