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KYRIE IRVING IS HAPPY to finally play with a shot-maker?


Kyrie Irving is an outstanding basketball player, but his comments off the court have divided opinions on him throughout the last couple of years.

Nowadays, people seem to either love Kyrie or hate him. His ball-handling and finishing abilities may be one of the greatest in league history, but what he does off the court often leaves people scratching their heads.

His last comment is bound to rub some people off the wrong way, and with good reason too, because Kyrie, for God knows what reason stated this while on the ECTS podcast

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In the comment he made, he was referencing his new teammate Kevin Durant while clearly throwing shade at his long-lost brother Lebron James.

Ever since he left the Cavs in 2017, Kyrie's had his fair share of media backlash. First, fans in Cleveland resented him for breaking up their championship team and moving to Boston in a chase for personal growth.

In Boston, he said he'll stay if they'll have him, did a 180, and added he doesn't own anyone anything. When he left the Celtics, the Boston media ran up a whole campaign to make him look bad. This was around the time he made his comments about the Earth being flat, among other things.

Safe to say Kyrie had his fair share of media cringe, which resulted in fans turning on him, but this last comment he made could be the one that takes the cake. He should also get ready for a bunch of hate mail inbound from Lebron stans.

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