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Kyrie Irving has completely changed his perspective about life and basketball: "Basketball, this life, it’s an illusion"

Kyrie Iriving

Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the NBA, and this summer, he started a new chapter in his career when he signed a new contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Apart from his basketball career that always raised a lot of attention from the media, Kyrie's actions and comments not related to basketball still raised a lot of eyebrows.

Irving is not your typical athlete, and he often talked about various topics outside of the NBA, with the flat earth theory being the most prominent one. In an interview for The Athletic, Irving talks about the importance of life outside of basketball. He completely changed his perspective and realized the things that mean the most to him. Irving is convinced basketball was just a vehicle for him to achieve other things in life that are now more important to him.

"Basketball has been a vehicle that's driven me for a long time. But I think that the importance of my life outside of that has been something that I've been paying attention to a lot more. Basketball, this life, it's an illusion in terms of certain material things that mean a lot more - I mean like, going after success or accomplishments in this league has been predicated on so many things that you're here" - Irving raises his arms shoulder high - "based upon what you've accomplished or how successful you are or how people perceive you. In actuality, it really doesn't mean anything. It doesn't really get me up in the morning every single day to want to meditate, to want to read, to want to do things that fulfill my life."

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Irving used an example of the famous book The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho. He believes the text itself reveals a powerful truth on how to treat other people. It also teaches you that you can learn from a lot from strangers rather than push them away from the start. Irving believes his personality is influenced by ego, and because of that, he didn't listen to other people and learn from them.

"I thought it was interesting in 'The Alchemist' how he was looking for the alchemist, but the alchemist found him. Found him in the middle of the desert with this, and it's just like, 'I can't believe I just met him,' and in doing so sometimes meeting certain individuals, they embody so much of that wisdom that they want to impart on you. Naturally, sometimes the ego or naturally, my personality will get in the way of pushing people away rather than bringing them closer and learning more about them."

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