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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant proved why they're not leaders

Out of the two superstars, Kyrie Irving is the one to blame for what could possibly be one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history

The Kevin Durant trade request not only fractures the course of time for the NBA moving forward, but it also makes some history official. The Brooklyn Nets Big 3 was the biggest disappointment in league history. It is officially the most hyped-up toxic garbage that we have ever seen. And the blood is on Kyrie Irving.

Not a builder

As much as everyone is harping on Kyrie and how he is the mastermind behind this overall Brooklyn collapse, let's not forget about the No.7. Because this is another team where KD had the talent. He had that LeBron James level clearance on who comes and goes. And yet, this Nets experiment was a gigantic failure.

There is no doubt that he should get out of Brooklyn and go to an established cultured organization -- don't try and build it because that’s clearly not him. Mostly because he made the mistake of flying with Kyrie and not handling the James Harden situation correctly, which is not easy to do, but not speaking to each other in the off-season didn't help.

Don't get it twisted: KD is talent, and talent is KD. But there's not much more you're getting from that. This situation, how it is ultimately breaking down in front of our eyes, how KD wants to head to a Miami and a Phoneix -- both established organizations -- it proves that, for all his greatness, there's one thing Durant isn't and probably will never be: a competent team builder.

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Yet again, Kyrie...

Does anyone think it's a coincidence that Kevin requests a trade right after Kyrie is yet again in the media, making headlines? Remember, Kyrie, at that point, was in a verbal fight with Steven A Smith. And Kyrie's reaction is exactly what KD is stepping away from.

KD is watching all of this, saying: why am I invested in this team? Why am I going to spend my last primed years playing with this dude? It's July, they got swept in the first round, and Kyrie is still causing chaos.

KD might like the occasional Twitter battles, but ultimately, he's a cool, calm guy. And it's obvious he doesn't want to play with someone who can't be counted on to show up to play.

Because, no matter how you feel about Durant as a person, there's one thing no one can deny, and that's his love for the game of basketball -- something Kyrie was never able to match.


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