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Kyrie Irving after Celtics loss to the Knicks: "I Don’t Celebrate Thanksgiving. F**k Thanksgiving"


The Boston Celtics are not doing so great this season so Kyrie is not feeling festive for Thanksgiving this year obviously. After Celtics loss to the Knicks 117-109 last night one of the reporters asked Kyrie about how will he celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow on which Kyrie gave a very suprising answer.

"I don't celebrate Thanksgiving...F**k Thanksgiving."

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The main reason why Kyrie responded in such a way was that of his ethnical background, which is partially native-American through his late mother Elizabeth Larson. Kyrie and his sister Asia even visited the tribe that their mother belonged too last year. Kyrie issued an apology for what he said last night on his Twitter account saying that he didn't really mean it and that the main reason why he even said it in the first place was that they lost to the Knicks last night.

Even though it's not professional to say something like that, the situation the Celtics are currently in might be a good reason why Irving is so frustrated lately. They are a totally different team then they were last season, and there is a sense of urgency that if they don't get their act together soon, this season might end catastrophically for them


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