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Kyle Rittenhouse finally responds to LeBron James mocking him: "F*** you LeBron"


We are living in the era of social media and countless social justice warriors who have all the platforms to voice their opinions on everyday topics. It's nice for everyone to have the ability to have their voice heard, but it has also given the opportunity for people to talk about matters they have no clue about.

LeBron's controversial political views

NBA players are no different, and we often hear them speak about topics outside of basketball. It's refreshing and interesting to listen to a lot of time, as you can definitely say LeBron is at the top of that group. Destroying the "Shut up and dribble" narrative, LeBron often fights for the rights of the causes he supports and criticizes the other side.

In many instances, it was good and valuable, like with the Black Lives Matter movement, but constantly getting involved and obviously only advocating for matters that are close to him brought James even more haters. From the China situation to publicly calling out police officers for saving lives has resulted in many negative comments towards "The King." I mean, Enes Kanter Freedom has been in the news more for calling out James than actual basketball.

The Kyle Rittenhouse case

The latest hot topic in American society has been the case of 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse. During riots in the summer of 2020, Kyle fatally shot two men and wounded a third in self-defense. The recent court hearings sparked a lot of reactions, as Rittenhouse eventually got proclaimed not guilty. That didn't sit well with the majority of the NBA world, and of course, LeBron, who was amongst the first reacting, mocking Rittenhouse for crying in court.

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That tweet made headlines a month ago, and we finally got the response from Kyle Rittenhouse the other day. The now free Rittenhouse guested on the You Are Here Podcast and shared his disappointment in LeBron's comment:

"I threw away my Lakers shirt. I was a Lakers fan before he said it. I was really pissed off when he said that because I like LeBron, and then I'm like, f**k you, LeBron!

Kyle Rittenhouse, You Are Here Podcast

The hosts had a couple of harsh and out-of-lines comments about LeBron to add to Rittenhouse's remarks. But that is how it usually goes when you involve yourself in political matters with two passionate sides. The big problem with the Rittenhouse case was making it a racial conversation, and LeBron's comments definitely didn't help with that. 

LeBron is one of the greatest on the court, but his off-court activities and remarks are only losing him fans, as he really should focus more on trying to get the Los Angeles Lakers out of the hole rather than trying to be the voice of justice.

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