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Kyle Lowry’s acting skills get props from A-List Hollywood Actor Denzel Washington

If you're playing against Kyle Lowry, you should be ready for a physical matchup and a lot of mind games including excessive flopping.
Kyle Lowry’s acting skills gets props from A-List Hollywood Actor Denzel Washington

Kyle Lowry is known around the league as someone who flops even though some would say he is just smarter than everybody else because he impacts the game in that way

Kyle Lowry is a 16-year veteran in the NBA, and that goes without saying he has learned some tricks in his career, including selling calls. Multi-awarded actor Denzel Washington met Lowry and revealed what he thought of his acting skills when getting fouled.

Lowry's veteran moves

Flopping is part of basketball, but players tend to exaggerate it to the point that it becomes absurd and comical for the fans watching the games. Lowry is one of the players who likes to sell calls to the refs, and often he gets the whistle. In this sequence, the Miami Heat guard tried to tie his arms with the Atlanta Hawks player and flailed to get the foul.

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This move went viral simply because people wondered what Kyle was doing in that play. In this sequence, it's not a natural basketball play, which makes Lowry's attempt at flopping ridiculous. Hollywood actor Denzel Washington, who won two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, and countless nominations in his acting career, shared a piece of his mind when he met the Miami Heat players, including Kyle and Jimmy Butler.

Washington called Lowry a "sneaky boy" when he attempted to sell calls to which the former Toronto Raptors star responded that "it's his job."

Lowry is right when he said that he's only doing his job, and part of it is selling calls, looking to get into opposing players' minds, and gaining an advantage at all cost, but it also shows how to play the game the wrong way. Critics slam him for flopping any chance he gets, but they cannot claim he isn't giving his all, even willing to sacrifice his body to get the calls.

Kyle Lowry is making a living drawing charges

Lowry has been the league leader among guards in drawing offensive charges. Kyle has mastered the art of drawing offensive fouls in the last decade. In January 2022, he already recorded a league-leading 22 charges drawn. Since 2010, he has had 152 charges drawn, first among guards and second only to DeMarcus Cousins' 184. Their difference: Lowry is only a shade above 6 feet while Cousins is 6'10".

Drawing charges is not an easy task by any means. You must be a willing participant in it, which means you're ready to get hit in the paint, which could lead to injuries. There's also the aspect of timing: a difference of a split second could decide whether it's a moving foul or a charge. Acting a bit also helps sell the call to the referees.

Despite his reputation for flopping, Kyle Lowry has never been fined for one and has only got a warning so far from the NBA. We see a player willing to do anything, even put his body and career on the line or risk looking like a fool fishing for fouls to help his team win. So it's a commendable act if you are on the same team as him but deplorable if you're on the opposing end. 

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