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Kyle Kuzma says Anthony Davis has no excuse not to win the DPOY


Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis played for the Los Angeles Lakers and won a title together. For Kuzma, AD has it all and could win a title and several individual awards if he really wants it. As often in his career, the only question is - does he want to?

Kuz praising AD for the Laker’ first win 

Kuzma watched his former team win their first game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies. It went down the wire, but L.A. managed to pull through behind superb games from Carmelo Anthony and Anthony Davis. Kyle praised his former teammate for his performance.

Davis had 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks which proved his versatility on both ends of the floor. With Russell Westbrook on the floor, A.D.'s defensive burden is even greater than last year, and so far, he's showing he can handle it.

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The praise quashed rumors about any animosity between Kuz and the Lakers. He reshared a graphic card saying that the Lakers were winless without him 0-7 from the preseason, but the forward quickly deleted it. For Kuzma, he's having a good start with the Washington Wizards early in the season. The team is 2-0 behind inspired play by new additions Kuzma and Spencer Dinwiddie. 

The Lakers need AD to win the title

Despite the Lakers stacking up talents on their roster, it's clear that Anthony Davis remains one of the most important players for the Purple and Gold. They signed Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan, two centers who were former All-Stars and members of All-NBA Defensive teams, but Davis is still the top dog in the frontcourt. Signing Dwight and DeAndre proves Davis is still reluctant to play the position where he is best - the center spot.

The 8-time All-Star has all the tools to help the Lakers win the title and score several individual awards such as Defensive Player of the Year or MVP. He just needs to stay healthy and focused this year. Despite the recent scuffle between him and D-12 on the sidelines, A.D. managed to bounce back and showed what he could do on the floor.

What's evident is that the 6-10 forward-center struggled in 3-point shooting early in the season. He needs to improve his outside shooting more as the season goes on. If Davis wants to play the power forward position, the Lakers can't afford him having bad shooting numbers. With, presumably, Westbrook and Dwight/DeAndre on the floor, that's already two non-shooters out there.

The fans worried about the Lakers' underwhelming start, given the hype around Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony joining the team in the offseason. Building chemistry takes time, but L.A. is a veteran team, and they will figure things out soon. But for everything to fall into place, it starts with a focused and healthy Anthony Davis. 

LeBron may be their best player, but Anthony Davis is the Lakers' most important one.


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