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Kwame Brown thinks LeBron James is lucky he is not playing in the old-school era of the NBA after last night's incident

Kwame Brown & LeBron James

Kwame Brown thinks LeBron James hit Stewart on purpose

Kwame Brown is not buying into the narrative about the last night's scuffle between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart that LeBron did it unintentionally.

The NBA community was shocked

The NBA world was somewhat shocked by the scenes that happened in Detroit last night after the incident in which LeBron hit Isaiah Stewart in the head, which caused him to bleed pretty badly. That shot ignited Stewart to seek revenge and go after LeBron and had to be stopped by his teammates and coaches before things escalated even more. Things got ugly really fast, but luckily, in the end, cooler heads prevailed despite both of them getting rejected from the game. The Lakers were able to win after trailing the majority of the game, but basketball was no longer the main topic of discussion.

A lot o the NBA fans and analysts said the scenes that happened last night almost turned out to be the Malice at the Palace vol 2. However, times have changed, and players are no longer willing to indulge in a boxing match on a basketball court. Even though it's beneficial, that is not happening in today's NBA some former players like Kwame Brown think cheap shots like that should be handled differently between players as they did in the past.

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Kwame thinks that was a cheap shot by LeBron

Kwame believes that was a cheap shot by LeBron and that the media is trying to paint the narrative how it was unintentional and that Stewart had every right to go after LeBron in the way he did. Real fights are a thing of the past in the current NBA, but players had no problem squaring up in the past, especially if a similar situation happened to the one from last night's game.

"LeBron got ejected for what I think is a cheap shot, and everybody said he is not a dirty player, but what do you think is going to happen when you swing your arm like that. You are going to hit somebody in the face, and there is no need for that, so let's not pretend. He hit the kid in the face, and the guy went ballistic. I would like to see him scrap a little bit like the old-school. But hey, that is just me, and that is when sports were sports, and you held people accountable, and they didn't get pampered by news media and their likeness. Had he done that back in the day, there would be a couple of licks thrown; it wouldn't be a grab session."

Many fans nowadays think the league is soft and that players themselves are no longer tough like some of the past players. Even though that might be somewhat true, the reality is that players are a bit smarter today and are seen as assets to their teams, so if they get into a fight and get hurt, that would cost the team the most, especially if their best players get into an altercation.

Things have changed drastically in that sense, and no one condones violence on the court anymore, and the league is super strict nowadays when it comes to that, giving out fines for that type of mischief. Fans who want to see fights will have to make peace with that and accept it's almost impossible you will see a real fight between players, and the most they will get a lot of 'Hold me back' scenes, where there will be some pushing around but no one will actually throw a punch at each other anymore. The NBA and the players have changed and evolved, whether some fans like it or not.

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