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Kwame Brown: The Lakers are missing Kobe Bryant-type leadership

Kwame Brown & Lakers

Kwame Brown shares why Lakers need Kobe leadership

Kwame Brown is back at it again with his hot and controversial takes. This time, he took aim at the Los Angeles Lakers — a team he believes is getting way too much attention despite their poor performance

Brown did not go on his usual tirade against the media. Instead, the former first overall draft pick pointed out exactly why the Lakers are struggling. Speaking from experience, he believes the LeBron James-led Lakers are missing that Kobe Bryant-type leadership.

"One thing about Kobe, he didn't do the friendly-sh-t with you after a loss like that. After a loss like that, you better be nowhere near... when he sees you again, your ass better be on court. You better not be in the training room, you better not be getting your ankles taped. Your ass better be out there shooting some shots. Kobe be on your ass. And that's what I think the Lakers are missing. They're missing that leadership."

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Brown slammed the overzealous attitude of NBA players nowadays — both teammates and opponents. The 11-year NBA veteran pointed out what he believes should be the proper dynamics within a team. Teammates should not be out there showering praise to one another. Instead, they should be criticizing one another with the pure intention of getting better as a team.

"Everybody's so friendly, they're slapping hands, and that's not what the game is about. Sometimes it ain't about you having your homeboy next to you. It's about having that guy you can correct. He's going to respect you because you're out there to do a job. That's one thing about Kobe. He's going to be your friend — sometimes. But when you ain't doing your job, foot going to come up your ass."

Brown, who spent two-and-a-half seasons with the Lakers, recalled how fierce Kobe was in setting the tone in practice. He noted that you better not wear something colorful or too distracting to practice after a tough loss, or Kobe would whoop your ass. Instead, after a humiliating defeat, you better wear black and start tossing shots up. 

Brown has indeed accumulated a lot of fans and haters for his outspoken persona. That's because when the man speaks the truth, it sticks. 

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