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Kwame Brown has a message for Ben Simmons: 'They are going to sell your name'

kwame brown & ben simmons

There are still a lot of question marks regarding Ben Simmon's future with the Sixers, and even though the season starts in 3 weeks, there is no indication he will be present at training camp. Two things are certain so far in this mess, with the first one being the decision by Simmons that he no longer wants to be a part of the Sixers. The second one is that the Sixers will not trade him until they receive the right offer, even though Simmons's value has decreased, and a big contract under his belt is something not too many teams are willing to take on their books.

It seems neither side plans to give any space for any type of negotiation, and all communication between Simmons and the Sixers is now almost non-existent. The majority of fans are siding with the Sixers, and there is a lot of backlash and criticism pointed at Simmons for not showing up in the playoffs and then sabotaging the franchise that drafted him in the first place. While we are waiting for this chaotic situation to have closure, former NBA player Kwame Brown gave an interesting piece of advice to Simmons on how to handle this situation.

Brown is known as someone that is not afraid to say what he really thinks, and usually, there are no filters in any of his statements. As someone who had a 13-year-long career, Brown also has experience dealing with NBA teams after losing his reputation in the league. He understands more than anyone how difficult it is to navigate your career when your reputation is ruined, and you are almost out of the league.

In a live video, Brown shared pretty straightforward but essentially intelligent advice for Simmons. He believes Simmons should put his pride aside and get back on the court because of the money and his reputation in the league, which is already tarnished. His value as a player and a businessman decreased, and it's now up to him to retrieve it and secure the best possible deal for himself.

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I feel like you should go to camp, sir, because it's bigger than you. You have all the media talking about you, and that is fine and dandy. Them people owe you $147 million, go get your f**ing money. Don't get so emotional to where you do that; they are going to suspend the s**t out of you. They are going to delay your trade until they get the bulk of your money back. They are going to get a lot of money, and it's going to open you for company policy. They are going to say conduct detrimental to the team. They are going to sell your name and f*k your name up across the league because guess what, young man. You are doing business right now, and it ain't about your feelings. There are other organizations, and if they invest their money into you, they want to know you are going to do business with them. You gotta be tradeable in the first place sir. So in order for Philly to trade you, you are going to have to do the right things, and that means getting your ass to camp.

Kwame Brown, via IG Live

Brown knows better than anyone what Ben is going through and that sometimes emotions and ego can take the best out of a player, especially someone young. That is what is happening with Simmons right now, who doesn't believe Sixers had his back, especially after losing to the Hawks in the playoffs. Brown is convinced Simmons needs to return to training camp and showcase he means business and that everyone can count on him because losing money is not an option for him at this stage of his career.

Even if you are upset, you have to be a professional. As mad as you get, if you got friends around you, if you got an agent around you, they need to kick your a** and tell you to go to practice. You have to get that money so don't mess up your reputation even though you might have some grounds too, and everybody is talking s**t. Don't let those people start taking those $147 million while bashing you now as a basketball player and a businessman. That's not what we need right now. Even if you are upset, you have to be a professional. Go get that money, that is your money for your family and generations to come. That is your family's reputation. People can have their opinion about basketball, but don't let them have an opinion about you and your business, so handle business and get your ass to training camp.

Kwame Brown, via IG Live

After so much criticism and backlash Simmons received in recent weeks, there weren't many who actually tried giving him some constructive advice. Brown is the first that comes to mind, and he didn't disappoint with his delivery and something that is actually common sense and an intelligent business decision. Losing money is not an option at this point, and if he decides not to play at all, that might result in him being out of the league soon. That is a scenario nobody wants to see, and hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and we'll see Simmons back on the court sooner than later.

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