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Kwame Brown calls out Stephen A.Smith for a hand to hand combat in Seattle

kwame brown and stephen a smith

After a few years of not getting into the media spotlight, former NBA player Kwame Brown made a lot of attention in the last few days. Kwame reacted in a big way to the criticism he received from Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson in the previous episode of their podcast All The Smoke. It seems Kwame was tired of all the accusations he is the biggest bust in NBA history and the fact they were targeting him throughout the years even after he retired from the NBA.

Kwame also spoke out against Stephen A.Smith, who had one of the most infamous rants about him a long time ago in which he described Kwame as a 'bonafide scrub'. That didn't sit well with Kwame, who posted a video in which he called Smith to meet up with him in Seattle for a fight.

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It didn't take long for Smith to respond, and surprisingly enough, he delivered a very mature response in which he admits Kwame has every right to be mad. Of course, many people would immediately criticize Kwame for all the inappropriate things he said in the last few days, but Smith understood where that frustration was coming from and in some way applauded him for his actions.

It seems Kwame's recent videos and the way he said some things really caught everyone by surprise, especially the people he is referring to the most in his videos. Kwame is not holding back, and many of the things he said were pretty tough, direct, and all in all hurtful commentary. Hopefully, this beef Kwame has with the rest of the NBA community settles soon because it's never productive to bash each other like that through the media, and it doesn't bring any good.


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