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Kwame Brown brutally roasts Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson

brown & barnes & jackson

Former NBA player Kwame Brown is considered by many NBA fans and analysts one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Drafted as the first pick with the Washington Wizards, there was a lot of hype surrounding Kwame, but he never lived up to his expectations. Throughout the years, there were numerous jokes and memes about Kwane, the fact he underachieved in the NBA, and the recent ones who took shots at Kwame were Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes on All The Smoke podcast.

Arenas said a few somewhat insulting things about Kwame calling him a 'show pony. All these comments didn't sit well with Kwame, who went on a rant calling out all three of them for various things and pretty much saying he wants that heat with them. Brown kept it real and didn't care what he was saying because some of the things he mentioned and the way he said it, perhaps aren't appropriate for an online beef.

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I'mma give you feminine n***as what you been asking for. You n***as been talkin' a lot, saying a lot of things you don't know what the f*** you talkin' about."
"Y'all get on the internet and y'all report things that make no goddamn sense. I grew up in an era where you don't play with grown-ass men and I think both of you two gentlemen know, personally, that I'm a grown-ass man."

Kwame Brown

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson responded to Brown's comments saying they didn't wanted this to turn out like that, saying Brown is coming after them because of their success with their podcast.

"Aye man, everybody want attention. Say Kwame Brown, bruh, I love you to death. I don't want no smoke with you. … I wish you the best little bro. Keep doing your thing. But, we not gon' put you on. You had your opportunity when you was the no. 1 draft pick and laid an egg."

Stephen Jackson

It will be interesting to see if this beef continues or if they will overcome the arguments and the apparent resentment because of all the comments made by all sides. Kwame Brown was very direct when insulting all three of them and didn't hold back one bit while Jackson and Barnes responded more diplomatic.

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