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Kwame and Magic call out Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard for their scuffle


Things got ugly pretty fast on the sidelines for the Los Angeles Lakers in their game against the Phoenix Suns. Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into a scuffle, and the two had to be separated. For fans, it could be a sign of early chemistry issues, but it should never have happened in the first place, according to two NBA personalities. 

AD, D-12 sideline scuffle 

During a timeout, Davis and Howard were caught on tape having a heated exchange of words. Howard sat up, and Davis tried to push his teammates before the two had to be separated. You can see the actual video below:

The two were able to talk it out and claimed all is water under the bridge now. "That's my brother," Dwight said after the game. "We're' good. We squashed it." Davis also said the same thing, but fans could not help but speculate.

It's not the first time Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard played together in LA, so it's surprising to see that altercation so early in the season. Both are competitive players who only want to win, and frustrations tend to boil over the sidelines when things go south. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the two publicly stated that it's all good now. But still, the altercation drew attention from NBA fans all over the world, including one of the greatest to ever do it.

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The Hall of Famer also pointed out some issues troubling the team, as evidence of their underwhelming start of the season. On the other hand, Kwame Brown, who had been making interesting opinions on basketball matters as of late, directed his bashing at Anthony Davis.

"The Anthony Davis situation – I think that was terrible," said Brown during his Instagram live. "I think Anthony Davis is a very talented player. But Anthony Davis, in my opinion, you're no leader. Because you called this man Dwight Howard your brother? Let me explain what you just did for your brother. Dwight Howard is a veteran in this league. That should come with a little bit of respect."

Kwame has a point there. As one of the stars on the Lakers roster, he and LeBron James are tasked to be the leaders on the team. They should set examples for their teammates, not create frictions in public. Howard, on the other hand, should also be held accountable for his actions on the court. As one of the veterans in the NBA, D12 should've' known better than to address the issue with a visibly irritated Davis. The two could have talked it after the game, after all.

Still, some fans may have liked that AD and D12 clashed because they wanted to win so bad. However, such incidents won't' lead to success on the court. And they, as former NBA champions, should know that.

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