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Kobe's advice to LeBron and Magic after a disappointing season


When the season started, nobody expected the Los Angeles Lakers led by LeBron James to be in the position they are, sitting 11thin the West with a 31-40 record and out of the playoffs. But Lakers legend Kobe Bryant shared some advice, as he thinks there are still some bright spots they can find in this season. Bryant spoke on ESPN’s “Get Up” about all the injuries they faced:

It was unfortunate because it got hit with so many injuries in rapid succession. When they were rolling, I mean, they were playing very well, I think exceeding people’s expectations. But then they got hit with all these injuries. Kind of set ’em back, knocked them off-kilter a little bit. It’s hard to reboot that, and so now they get caught in that rut. But next year should be better.

He talked about the deadline drama around the Lakers' young core and Anthony Davis and shared his point of view and what he would have done.

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Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram … are the three of them better than Anthony Davis? No! Ciao! Bye!

Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the world. Not currently, in history. What are we talking about? If you can trade for Anthony Davis, you do it. If not, all right …We have three players who are very young and work hard. They’re smart, and they have to develop. But if you can trade for Anthony Davis … yes!

Kobe also shared his advice to LeBron and Magic about moving forward.

It’s just a matter of being patient. Obviously, they’ll make smart decisions. You have opportunities, things, pieces that you can trade, assets of that sort, or you can stay with the young guys who are extremely talented and have great upside and let them develop. Either direction you go should be a good direction. You just gotta keep pushing. Seasons like this are what make the championships worth it.

Kobe, as one of the greats, was always able to provide valuable advice, so it’s on the Magic and LeBron to figure this thing out and come back better next season.

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