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[FULL] Kobe & Shaq Interview

shaq and kobe

Players Only with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant was aired yesterday and just as you might have expected — it is an absolute gem. The conversation felt really genuine and it was good to see these two guys get along now.

It seems like the air is all cleared and the relationship mended even prior to this conversation. But nonetheless, it was great to see these two talk. After seeing the interview, it is safe to say that 'the beef ' was for the most part fueled by the fans.

After watching the Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson interview, some probably expected more of the nitty-gritty from this one. But I'm sorry to disappoint you, Kobe and Shaq did not cry, at least not this time.

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It was awesome to see that Shaq can make Kobe laugh like no other individual on this planet. Props to ESPN for just putting the two in a room and letting it go natural. They both know they could've made that relationship work better. Despite that, I'm sure they look it at it more positively than negatively.


  • Before Shaq was traded to Miami, Kobe wanted to be traded to Chicago and was already looking at houses with his wife Vanessa
  • Kobe addresses the Sacramento Kings as the "Sacramento Queens"
  • "How my ass taste" — Shaq reminds Kobe of the painful Finals lost to Boston and the tribute video he made for him
  • Kobe and Shaq once fought in practice
  • Kobe ADMITTING to blowing the '04 Finals versus the Detroit Pistons
  • The whole team mooning Sac-Town on their way out after the victory

We are glad Shaq asked some of the questions that everyone wanted to know and Kobe gave real answers.

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