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Kobe Bryant talks about the importance of having a great mentor at a young age

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After his illustrious career was over, Kobe Bryant removed himself from the NBA and is involved in several different types of businesses. The only involvement in basketball Kobe currently has is with his daughters, predominantly the 12-year-old Gigi who is extremely talented and showing the same type of approach to the game as her dad. Kobe is involved in their team's practices and is often there to offer support and guidance.

In an interview done by Cari Champion from ESPN, Kobe Bryant talked about the importance of young kids playing sports in order to improve their health and sense of responsibility. Kobe also stressed out that coaches who are in charge of these kids, need to be aware that their duty is to educate them so they can be better athletes and essentially people.

"Teach and listen. It's not about us as coaches, us winning or losing a game. This has nothing to do with the game. At this stage it's all about helping these individual children, these kids get better. How do you help them become better people and better athletes? It's not about you and winning the game and if you can remove yourself from that equation and focus on teaching than I think kids experience will be much better."

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Kobe Bryant was always someone who is ready to give a good piece of advice based on his experience and the fact he is one of the most prominent players in NBA history. He is often seen attending and coaching game his daughter is playing in, and for Kobe himself it's never a problem to share any advice or his knowledge about the game. Who knows, maybe in a few years we might even see him land a coaching gig with an NBA team.

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