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Kobe Bryant explains how people tried to destroy Phil Jackson's legacy and why he will forever stay loyal to his former coach

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The relationship between Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson lasted for an over a decade and it included 5 NBA championships and you can definitely say it was a successful period in their careers. Despite all the success, the relationship between Jackson and Bryant was at times not so great and even they had their disagreements that brought a lot of media attention and turbulences within the team.

There were also some people who said Jackson is overrated as a coach and that he was lucky enough to coach so many talented players in his career starting with the Chicago Bulls and afterward with the Los Angeles Lakers. The notion that was going around against Jackson and his methods is that it's easy to coach great players and therefore win championships.

Even though they had their share of disagreements, Bryant always had Jackson's back and admired the way he sees and approaches the game with the same passion as Bryant did. In a recent interview done for the Valuetainment, Kobe gave a really clear answer on why he will always stay loyal to Jackson and had a very clear message for all the people who don't appreciate his greatness.

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"People don't understand that he is a genius in every sense of the word. The way he sees the game and the spirituality of the game. People don't understand that and even worse than that, they are intimidated by that. They also try to discredit that because they don't have the level of passion and obsessiveness to get to that level. So they figured the best thing to do is to tear that level that and that is f**ked up."


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