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Klay Thompson plans to be a gamer after his NBA career: "When my athletic career is over, who knows, I can be an e-sports gamer."

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One of Klay Thompson's biggest passions apart from basketball is the game Call of Duty. Klay often said he is a big fan of the game and is still playing it in his free time, especially now that he is in the process of recovering from the injury he suffered in the NBA finals. This actually made him think about possibly starting an E-sports career after he is done with the NBA.

In a recent interview, Klay talked about his passion for Call of Duty and the number of hours he spent playing the game, especially when he was younger. Klay is confident he played enough Call of Duty so far in his life he can actually make the transition to a pro gamer after his NBA career will be over in a couple of years.

"I really enjoy the game. I used to play a lot especially in college and high school. It was a way to bond with your friends. It was cool cause it taught you teamwork and taught you how to lead. My parents would obviously try to limit our time on the screen. When my basketball career is over, who knows, I could be an e-sports gamer."

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Even though he doesn't play as much as he used to when he was younger, Klay is certain he logged in over ten thousand hours which gives him enough gaming experience. Now that he is older he is able to balance his time spent on gaming better than in his younger days, and said that a lot of his teammates who played with him are no longer doing it because they got married and have kids now.

"Some say it takes ten thousand hours to become a pro at whatever respective field you do and I think I've logged in ten thousand hours on this so far in my life. I'm not a pro but I can call myself a semi-pro, I feel confident saying that."

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