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Klay Thompson has an interesting way to prepare himself before games

klay thompson

Klay Thompson had a really solid playoff series against the Houston Rockets in which he was assigned to defend and follow James Harden across the court while at the same time providing instant offense especially after Kevin Durant got injured.

During his series against the Rockets, Klay had his struggles shooting in some games but he did show up when it mattered the most and even had nights when he was making James Harden work hard for every single point.

Klay is a great two-player and one of the best shooters in NBA history, and the reason why he is so successful lies in a detailed preparation which involves meditation and listening to classical music. In a recent interview after the series was over Klay shared more details about his preparation before games which is very much different from the standard way most athletes prepare.

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"I try to do it the night before the game. I was told Tiger Woods visualizes every sing shot he shoots. On 18 holes in the golf course. If he can do that, it's incredible with so many golf swings. I try to have the same approach in basketball just trying to visualize and getting into my spots, see what my opponents can do. Its when you come into the game and its as you've sent it already"

Klay also shared why he doesn't listen to rap music before games which is probably in absolute contrast to most players in the NBA.

"I try classical or some nature songs. I can't listen to rap or hip hop while I do because I get distracted but something plays in the background that is nice. It's a challenge and much harder than working out especially for me since my mind races so its a good practice for me."

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