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Kevin Love wants to play with LeBron James once again: "Cleveland and Akron and all of Ohio loves him"

Kevin Love wants LeBron James to finish his career in Cleveland with son Bronny. Other Cleveland Cavaliers fans might not like this idea.
Kevin Love and LeBron James shared a lot of success together in Cleveland

Kevin Love and LeBron James shared a lot of success together in Cleveland

Players who win a championship together have a special type of bond that will never be broken no matter the circumstances are. In the case of Kevin Love, he admits he still wants to play with LeBron James in Cleveland before The King retires. However, as perfect as it could be, with James going back to play for the Cavaliers before calling it quits, it might not be the best move for the Cavs' front office.

"Cleveland And Akron And All Of Ohio Loves Him"

Everyone likes a fairytale ending, but sometimes the main protagonists undergo a drastic character development that they find themselves becoming villains. Such is the case of LeBron James, who might be the most polarizing basketball player in modern history. Fans love him when he makes the finals but tear him apart for failing to win titles, teaming up with other stars, or leaving the team for better chances of winning a ring elsewhere.

Fans may not be ready to welcome back the Prodigal Son, but if there's one person who wants to see him again in Wine and Gold jerseys, it's former teammate Kevin Love. He shared his thoughts on it in an interview with FanSided's Mark Carman.

"I don't want to project what he may or may not want to do, but where our team is trending and how we're set up to win for a very long time and how much you know, Cleveland and Akron and all of Ohio loves him. It'd be great to get Bronny [James] over here too and then we'll call it a day."

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This idea seems like a perfect ending to James's Hall of Fame career. It could even be turned into a film or docuseries for Netflix. LeBron also praised Koby Altman for the rebuild that he did for the Cavaliers. The team is not supposed to be this good early, and the group overachieved this season. James also had high praise for rookie Evan Mobley in 2021. Fans have begun wondering if James subtly sent messages that he is open to playing in Cleveland for one last time. However, it may not happen at all for many reasons.

Why the Cavaliers should not take LeBron James back

Unless The King plays for peanuts, it makes no sense to get LeBron James back. The team would most likely sacrifice young pieces of its core or draft picks to get a near-40-year-old James. Even if LeBron still plays at an MVP level, it doesn't make sense to accommodate him on the roster because, in reality, the Cavs don't need him.

Also, some fans have still not gotten over how James left the team for the Lakers. It's like having a father leave a family devastated and return when all is convenient and sunny. For James, returning to play for the Cavs won't mean much for his career, aside from the emotional aspect. If Cleveland signs Bronny, which they don't have to, James could find a way to play with him.

If Love wants to play with James again, it would be in another city. It's not wise for him to wish to get James back because the Cleveland Cavaliers are built to win for a very long time in the NBA. His teammates worked hard to get that respect back and earn a winning season for the first time since James left in 2018.

The LeBron James homecoming special won't likely happen, but it's good material for a fairytale ending not everyone is willing to accept. 

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