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Kevin Love thinks there is a lot of greed in college recruitment

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Kevin Love made a guest appearance on the Graham Bensinger show where he talked about his NBA career, life outside of basketball, and the challenge of battling depression. One of the things they touched upon was the NCAA and how different universities attract players through illegal offerings in which greed and desire for profit come first before everything else.

Kevin Love was one of the top high-school recruits before joining UCLA, where he teamed up with Russell Westbrook and had the opportunity to see first hand how things are done from a financial perspective to attract the best players. He believes the recruiting process is getting worse because everyone became so greedy that no one cares about the player, but the universities want to use them for their financial gains.

The college recruiting process is just continued to get worse. Players parents, handlers, and everybody is wanting something in return. That opens up a whole other can of worms when it comes to college players getting paid and the NCAA using their likeness.

Kevin Love, via Graham Bensinger

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Love says recruiters will throw bags of cash at players alongside other things just to make certain players attend their college programs. That creates a lot of stress for players who have never been in this type of situation, especially if they come from low-income families. The other big problem in this story is the parents, who are willing to accept money, cars, or something else and participate in illegal actions.

Bags of cash or wardrobe of clothes. There are so many things that are scary and wrong, and you don't really know how to understand it. You've never seen this type of staff before, yet you are having to deal with it. It adds so much stress and anxiety, and you are just trying to get to your goal. You put a kid in a really tough place, and I think it's a learning experience, but you take a player, take that individual away, there is a lot of greed on every side. I really believe that.

Kevin Love, via Graham Bensinger

There is an ongoing debate on how to fix the NCAA potentially, and even LeBron James once described it as a corrupt organization. Even though everyone knows a change is needed, it's hard to believe we'll see structural changes in the next couple of years for sure. One solution might be the expansion of the G-League, the NBA's developmental league, and transforming it into a "farm system" to combat the NCAA's basketball system. However, that won't happen overnight, and by then, we'll see things happen the same way as Kevin Love described in the interview.

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