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Kevin Love or John Wall -- who is the worst contract in the NBA?

When looking at the worst deals in the league, these two players come to mind.
Love and Wall are considered to be the two most overpaid players in the league at the moment.

Love and Wall are considered to be the two most overpaid players in the league at the moment.

Although it's not their fault -- the Wizards and Cavaliers should get the blame for it -- John Wall and Kevin Love top the list of worst contracts in the league today. But whose is worse?

John Wall’s situation with the Rockets

Wall’s decline was prompted by various injuries he suffered in recent years. When healthy, the 31-year-old is an All-Star level point guard, still one of the best in the league. However, his health issues make it hard to justify the financial aspect of his contract -- over the next two years, the 6’4” guard will receive $44,310,840 and $47,366,760, with a player option in the second year of his contract.

In his first season in Houston, John Wall averaged 20.6 points, 6.9 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.1 steals. He only played 40 games, and the Rockets had a dismal 17-55 win-loss record. The former Washington Wizards star partly blamed James Harden for not trusting the process and forcing his way out of the team. In the early goings of the season, Wall claimed the team found its footing without James.

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The Rockets made the postseason for eight straight years before Harden forced his trade and Wall came onboard. Missing out on the last year's playoffs as the 15h seed brought frustrations to the fans, management, and players. Numbers-wise, Wall’s stats are better compared to Kevin Love, who is in a similar limbo with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Kevin Love’s situation with the Cavaliers

Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers are stuck with each other. Love’s production has diminished in recent years due to health concerns which resulted in a dip in trade value. Now, Cleveland has no choice but to play his contract out or buy him out of the deal to get some cap space relief. 

As reported in Basketball News, his massive contract details are one of the reasons why he has the worst contract in the league. Love will make $31.3 million this season and $28.9 million next season, while the Cavs remain clueless about what role to give him. He could provide decent three-point shooting at best, but being paid close to $60 million as a floor spacer is too much. 

The Cavs boast an athletic, young core of big men with Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, and Lauri Markkanen, so Love’s fit and role with the team are still uncertain. 

Based on the comparison of stats last season and how pivotal his role is in moving the team forward, it seems Kevin Love wins the award for the worst contract in the NBA right now, ahead of John Wall. But once again, it's not their fault.

So perhaps the discussion should be about the worst contract-givers in the NBA? There's no doubt both the Wizards and Cavaliers would top that list.

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