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Kevin Garnett thinks the younger generation of players is soft: "Guys can't focus, and guys can't push through anything."

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In an interview on The Ringer podcast, Kevin Garnett talked about many things related to basketball, but one of the topics he touched upon was the younger generation of players. According to Garnett, he worked out with several younger players after he retired and is concerned about the approach they have towards practicing hard and spending the right amount of time in the gym.

"For a time, I was training some of the younger guys in the league, but a lot of the kids today have been curated into….look, when I came into the league, you had to do a 60 minute, maybe 65-70 minute workout by yourself. You have a coach with you for free throws or something like that. Today's workouts like 15-20 minutes. "

Kevin Garnett, via The Ringer Podcast

Garnett also thinks young players today have a severe problem focusing and working on their craft in the right way. The motivation, emotional, and physical stability to get to that level are non-existent among players of the younger generation.

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"Guys can't focus, and guys can't push through anything. So when it gets to a point where it starts to hurt or to a tough point, they let go. When you work out for 60 minutes, you know? Look at it like this. If me and you are working out, it's you go I go, you go I go. When you're by yourself, I'm going; I'm going. Next drill, I'm going. Part of that is to build up your endurance, so when you get to the fourth quarter, you gather wind, and you push through that. You can't teach that doing 20-minute workouts with free throws. It was hard for me to mimic that."

Kevin Garnett, via The Ringer Podcast

However, Garnet believes Giannis Antetokounmpo is a rare young player who has the right mindset towards becoming a truly great player in his mind. Garnett worked out with Giannis on several occasions and thinks he is one of the rare players with that old-school approach to the game. He understands what type of effort is needed to be the best and is willing to take on that journey.

"Giannis, I worked with him for a couple of years, and he has that old school mentality of wanting to push through."

Kevin Garnett, via The Ringer Podcast

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