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Kevin Garnett shares his favorite All-Time starting five: "We're switching everything"

Kevin Garnett

KG shares his favorite lineup

Kevin Garnett recently shared his all-time favorite starting lineup, and the names he brought up might be somewhat surprising for a lot of people.

Interesting All-Time starting lineup

While appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, former NBA player and legend Kevin Garnett talked about several things from his HOF career and personal life. Garnett is a true student of the game and has played in the league for over two decades, with and against numerous notable players. One of the most exciting things he discussed was his all-time favorite starting lineup which might sound slightly different from what other people would think of at first.

Garnett obviously knows a lot about the history of the NBA and the players that came before him because his starting lineup has an exciting mix of the old and new generation of NBA players. The most shocking part is that he left Michael Jordan out of his starting lineup, which is something not many people would ever do in this type of situation.

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"Damn, that's hard, but Magic at one just cause he's 6'9" and can see everybody. I am going to put Kobe as my two; he is going to be my two. And shootout to MJ cause he is the god, and we copied him and shit, but I got Kobe at my two. I really want to put AI somewhere here, but I am going for a taller team cause we are going to switch everything. I am going to put KD on my three, and then I am going with Wilt. I am going with The Stilt at five, and I am playing the four. We are switching everything; threes, fours, and fives are switching everything."

Jordan would come off the bench

When asked to expand and add more names that would come off the bench for this squad, Garnett once again mentioned a few players that usually don't get enough recognition, especially among the younger generation of NBA fans. Interestingly enough, Jordan would be the 12th guy on Garnett's all-time roster.

"My backup point guard will be Pete Maravich. Then I am going to have AI coming off the bench because he is buckets all day. Big Dog at the three, Sheed at the four. Then I am going with Shaq at five. If I need two more, I am going to get VC cause he was a bucket Jordan."

When it comes to these types of all-time teams, it usually depends on personal preferences, and the specific affinity someone has for a particular player. What is definitely evident is that Garnett knows the history of the game and is willing to share a few names that often get forgotten, but at their times, they were some of the best players in the league. Some of them were true game changers, and KG obviously thinks this all-time in a hypothetical situation would dominate against anybody in the league.

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