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Kevin Garnett on "a different level of respect" he has for LeBron and Jordan

Garnett on LeBron and Jordan

Garnett on LeBron and Jordan

Kevin Garnett's documentary, Anything Is Possible, debuts tomorrow on Showtime. Judging by his first on-camera interview about a piece he co-produced, we're in for a treat.

Anything is Possible

The doc captures everything, from the Draft night to Garnett winning his only NBA championship with the Celtics. Intertwined with stories about playing against the all-time greats, dealing with controversies, plus the plethora of behind the scenes never-heard anecdotes, Anything Is Possible is Garnett's way of closing one book and allowing a different interest of his to take over. "Storytelling is my passion now," Garnett said.

This is a guy who came to the NBA in 1995 and retired in 2016. From the Bulls dynasty to Kobe-Shaq Lakers to Steph Curry's three-point revolution, Garnett has been through it all. And throughout the entire 21 seasons, no one could match his intensity. Now Mr. Intensity himself is ready to verbalize those experiences. And he started even before the release of the doc.

Respecting both MJ and LeBron -- also possible

Garnett is one of the few who crossed paths with both Michael Jordan and LeBron James. During the interview with GQ, he talked about the differences between the two.

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"It's a different level of respect," Garnett said. "Michael Jordan I looked at as God. And I thought he was my version of what basketball looked like. And with LeBron, it was more like the little homie. Here's the little homie growing up, and man, little homie is getting better than everybody! ... I definitely talked some sh*t to him. I've definitely said some crazy sh*t to him. He's definitely said some crazy sh*t back to me."

KG's words are similar to how Kobe's peers felt about him during his playing days. People respect all-time greats, but they feared Black Mamba. The same goes for MJ, even to a greater extent.

Despite the indisputable talent, LeBron never had that divine-aura about him. That's why players who weren't on the same level as him -- KG included -- were more inclined to mock him, especially early in his career. Some of them still do, although it seems over the last few years, James has embraced the role of a mocker more and more.

That doesn't mean players don't respect James, but he isn't in the same category as the two aforementioned all-time greats. KG, however, gave LeBron a huge credit for one thing.

You've gotta have that in you to be able to have those shoulders to carry it. No man is perfect in this sh*t, and there ain't no telltale book on how to do this sh*t. He's done a great fuc*ing job. I just felt like it was only right to give him that respect.

Kevin Garnett, GQ

It's refreshing to hear someone talk about MJ and LeBron without initiating the GOAT debate. It's even better to hear someone of KG's stature speak about the two. Whether you agree with him or not, you know it's coming from the heart. And that's all we can ask from him -- there's no doubt we'll get the same thing from Anything Is Possible.

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