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Kevin Durant revealed his favorite superhero: "I like villains more"

Kevin Durant

KD shares why he likes villains better

Kevin Durant is either a villain or a superhero depending on who you ask. KD is a savior for teams he played with, while opposing teams see him as a villain. When asked who his fave superhero is, Durant had a surprising answer.

I like villains more

In an interview on the Eli Manning Show, KD was asked who his fave superhero is. The Brooklyn Nets star answered Carnage. 

"I like villains more. Right now, it would have to be Carnage. I've seen that Venom vs Carnage."

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Durant might have seen the Venom: Let There Carnage movie that was released in October 2021. The film stars Tom Hardy as Venom and Woody Harrelson as Carnage. It's an interesting pick for the 2-time champ because Carnage is a villain. As in his whole career, Durant was vilified for many reasons. Durant joining the Golden State Warriors, a team that spanked OKC in the playoffs, was one of the reasons he earned the ire of fans. Durant firing back at his critics on social media makes him an easy target for trolls. This explains his villain pick. 

Villain or superhero?

When other NBA stars backed out of their commitment to represent Team USA in the Olympics, KD was one of the few who stepped up. Kevin did not need to do that, but he still represented his country. His commitment boosted the team's chances en route to winning the gold medal. His act made fans call him Captain America. 

For NBA fans, he's called The Grim Reaper that eventually evolved to The Slim Reaper owing to his lean physique. As opposing teams learned the hard way, KD could easily become a lethal tormentor with his torrid shooting at any point of a ball game. The former Oklahoma City Thunder is unguardable this season and is among the top favorites to win the MVP. 

For the Nets, Kevin remains of the team's heroes trying to carry the franchise on their back. James Harden plays the role of the main sidekick in the absence of Kyrie Irving, who's turned into a villain in the eyes of the fans due to his continued refusal to get vaccinated, resulting in him not playing a single game this season. 

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