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Kevin Durant is set to join some pretty elite company if he wins another scoring title this season

Kevin Durant

KD is slowly but surely making history

Kevin Durant is set to have more scoring titles than every player except Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

Several players come to mind when we think of the most dominant players in NBA history. Before the merger, there was Wilt Chamberlain, a man who is still the only player ever to score a hundred points in a single game. In the 90s, you had Michael Jordan, and in the 2000s, there was Shaquille O'Neal, two players who dominated opposing defenses and were nearly impossible to stop.

Kevin Durant is proving to be the offensive juggernaut of this era for this generation. Durant is on pace to win his fifth scoring title, putting him ahead of every other player in NBA history except Michale Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain, an awe-inspiring feat for the two-time NBA Finals MVP. According to Basketball-Reference, KD is now averaging 29.7 points per game, almost three points ahead of second-place, and with the way he is playing, it seems unlikely that anyone will catch up to Durant to claim this year's scoring title.

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KD still has a long way to go if he wants to eclipse MJ and Wilt in terms of scoring titles, but if there is one player with the tools to do it, it's Durant. At 7 feet tall, Durant has the skills of a point guard and the range of Steph Curry, making him lethal from anywhere on the floor. Durant is virtually unstoppable, and there is absolutely nobody in the NBA who has the tools to slow him down. Durant is simply an impossible match-up, and no one can match handle him on the defensive end, not Giannis, not Kawhi, or AD.

"It's demoralizing." - Blake Griffin on guarding Kevin Durant.

With his skillset, Durant may very well go down as the greatest scorer of all time. He may not have the longevity to catch Kareem or LeBron, but one could argue that when on the floor, no one can get you a bucket as often as KD can. KD doesn't have any overwhelmingly ridiculous scoring performances; his career-high is 54 points, a number that seems rather pedestrian for someone with his scoring talent. Still, KD has the height advantage of Wilt, the handle of the best guards in the game, and a jumper that is at par or better than MJ or Kobe. Call me blasphemous, but to me, KD is doesn't need to win more scoring titles to be the greatest scorer of all time.

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