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Kevin Durant fights Skip Bayless on Twitter — “I really don’t like u”


The two most assured headlines in basketball involve Kevin Durant behind a Twitter account and Skip Bayless talking about LeBron making this the mecca of them all. After Skip Bayless commended Durant’s performance against the Raptors, things went sideways…

To which the slender man replied:

Now is there more to this than two grown men putting down another grown man, of whom they have likely never met, through the use of Twitter fingers? Potentially. There might even be a conspiracy brewing that involves these cryptic tweets, and I dare anyone to find evidence that there isn’t! 

First, we need to list what we know:

  1. Skip Bayless could turn a conversation about your bad sleep from the night before to why LeBron James is an inferior basketball player. 
  2. Despite truckloads of money, famous friends, a loving family, and a place cemented in history forever, Durant spends more time arguing with strangers on Twitter than that weird conspiracy theorist kid from your high school.

The point is this was a waste of everyone’s time. Well, at least Skip might get a segment out of it. I can already see the title now: ‘Kevin Durant stands up for LeBron James; Can LeBron not fight his own battles?’

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But thank god that social media is around during this era and that Durant clearly has no one telling him to give it a rest. It exposes his unfiltered personality to the world, even if that means we know he is a bit more on the sensitive side. But only single rich athletes will give the fans the best coverage, so I’m grateful for that. But can you imagine some of the past players if they had a device and the confidence to communicate their raw thoughts?

@wiltchamberlain_100: The mile-high club just got a whole lot higher. L.A ROCKS!

@IsiahThomas11: Can’t tell what’s reclining faster? The competition of the ’90s or Jordan’s hairline. HAH #PleaseRememberMe

@BillWaltonThoughts: Anyone knows where I can find some organic dog food?

@DennisRodmanBurner: Drag clothes are cool and all, but who’s really trying to get their freak on?

@KDTrey5: Scarlett Johannson I will drink ur bathwater...#random

Oops, turns out that last one happened to be real. This won’t be the last time Durant fights a media personality. It won’t even be the last time he fights that specific media personality. At this point, it already might not be KD's most recent spat with someone online. But dramatic or not, it’s fun having such an esteemed athlete prove his as petty as the rest of us.

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