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Kevin Durant: And when that didn't happen, I was just like f*** it, let me just hoop and worry about myself.


In the most recent episode of All the Smoke, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson interviewed Kevin Durant. The interview briefly touched on the Draymond & KD feud that ultimately led to the collapse of the Warriors dynasty.

To freshen up your memory, in a timeout at the end of the game which went to overtime, Draymond said to KD something along the lines of "We don't need you. We won without you."

KD was very open to sharing in detail all of the events that led up to Draymond's outburst. He also mentioned that he's good friends with Draymond and that Dray is the kind of person you want to hang out with, and someone you can trust.

Draymond is actually my friend, is someone I can call when I'm going through anything. Like, yo bro, come through, let's hang out tonight. And for him to say that type of sh** to me, it threw me for a loop. I just thought to isolate myself after that, cause they just suspended Draymond cause they had to so it wouldn't look bad to everybody else.

Kevin Durant

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According to KD, the Warriors front office didn't do a good job handling the situation and had hoped it would be forgotten and that suspending Draymond would be a good enough measure on its own. Boy, they were wrong.

And then, nobody ever talked to me about it, and we never really came to an agreement. Cause it happened in front of the whole team and nobody really talked about it, it was just swept under the rug. We are a family, even if we said it we that, we can move past that, but let's all talk about it. Let's just say how we all feel about that moment. Don't just sweep it under the rug because we want to win.

Kevin Durant

The Warriors did win without KD, Draymond was right about that. But teams have made adjustments since; the league has evolved. Back then, the NBA was very different compared to today, and the Warriors took a huge hit when they decided not to address the issue with the entire team.

And when that didn't happen, I was just like fu** it, let me just hoop and worry about myself.

Kevin Durant

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