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Kerr: Klay can be half-dead and he'd say he's fine


Klay Thompson was injured in Game 2 of the NBA Finals and he wasn't able to participate in the final phase of the game. Steve Kerr gave a close update on the health of his shooting guard after the win.

Klay said he'll be fine, but Klay could be half-dead and he'd say he's fine. We'll see. He pulled his hamstring. He thinks it's minor, so I don't know what that means going forward. Sorry. That's all I got.

Thompson has never missed a playoff game in his career and does not intend to miss next game, Game 3 of the Finals. When asked if he’d be all right, Klay responded:

"No, I do not see how I miss Game 3."

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The ultimate decision is not his, the medical staff of the Warriors will decide if he would be able to play or not.

Thompson had a great game, he scored 25 points and added 5 rebounds and 5 assists before injury in the fourth quarter. Klay was one of the key players to help the Warriors get the series to 1-1.”

In addition to the All-Star player, Kevon Looney was also injured in Game. The big man, Golden State’s best bench player throughout the entire playoffs was unable to continue after a defensive move against Kawhi Leonard. According to a report by Shams Charania, Looney sprained a bone during the action. Kerr couldn't answer whether he is going to be available for Game 3.

Thompson's and Looney's injuries are the latest setbacks for the team from the Bay Area. Durant is still rehabilitating his right calf and Iguodala is playing with a hurt calf/hamstring.

If they win, the training staff should get a huge bonus.


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