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Kendrick Perkins shares why Russell Westbrook will be a top 20 NBA player of All-Time

perkins & westbrook

Russell Westbrook is having another historic season, once again averaging a triple-double for the fourth time in his career. Unlike a few years ago, when Westbrook was making headlines with this performance, nobody has seen something like that since Oscar Robertson. However, nowadays, it seems nobody cares anymore when Westbrook has a triple-double, and people got so used to it, they don't see it as something special. On the other hand, Westbrook didn't have much success in the playoffs for the past few years, which somewhat diminishes his influence on the game for many fans.

While making an appearance on ESPN, Westbrook's former teammate Kendrick Perkins came to his defense, calling him the most athletic point guard in NBA history. Westbrook himself recently said he doesn't care about people that call him a stat padder because he believes he is playing the game the right way. Perkins thinks the same and puts him in the category of a small percentage of NBA players that impact the game on the same level he is for such a long time.

We're witnessing the most athletic point guard to ever play the game. When I look at Russell Westbrook, and I compare him to all the greats and greats that are still playing the game today, his game weighs in on you heavy. It's polarizing, and there are only a few players in the history of basketball that their game was polarizing. Look at Kareem, Jordan, you talk about LeBron James, Giannis, Oscar Robertson. When I say polarizing, I don't mean disrespect to a guy like Larry Bird, who was a skilled guy; I'm talking about how Russell Westbrook attacks you and affects the game. It weighs heavy on the opponent. You have to worry about him scoring, rebounding, and making plays for others. And then, on the other end, with his athleticism, you have to worry about him locking you up with his defensive mentality and that killer mindset he has.

Kendrick Perkins, via ESPN

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Perkins concluded that Westbrook would be considered a top 15-20 player of all time when his career is over. Some of the guys that are now on the list of top 20 players in NBA history would have to give their spot to him.

So, in my opinion, someone from that top 15-20 list of NBA greats when Russell Westbrook retires is going to have to move the hell over.

Kendrick Perkins, via ESPN

Even though Perkins sometimes says questionable things, this time, I have to agree with him regarding Westbrook. Westbrook won almost every individual accolade you can win in the NBA and is racking up big-time numbers season after season without getting hurt and playing every game with the same passion. Unfortunately, he hasn't had much luck after leaving OKC, but it seems the Wizards are on the right track now that they built up some chemistry. Westbrook is still incredibly consistent, and he and Bradley Beal together could be the next dynamic duo in the east. Hopefully, success will also come their way, especially if they continue playing the way they are for the past few weeks.

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