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Kendrick Perkins calls out David Griffin for his comments 'This is why people call our league soft'

david griffin

New Orleans Pelicans Executive Vice President David Griffin recently made some negative comments about the NBA because they were officiating against Zion Williamson on multiple plays inside the paint. As a result, he suffered a season-ending injury because of a fractured finger, and Griffin received a $50,000 fine for his comments about the officiating.

Griffin's comments didn't sit too well with former NBA player and current analyst Kendrick Perkins. He believes that type of commentary is one reason why older players think the league is soft right now. Griffin tried to protect Zion and make the league aware of all the physical beating he is receiving inside the paint, but he could've done it more discretely.

Let me address David Griffin in my New Orleans voice. God bless his hurt baby because he doesn't know better. This is a damn shame. This is the reason the old school guys call out the league soft because of weak commentary and weak comments like the ones David Griffin said.

Kendrick Perkins, via ESPN

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Perkins believes Zion will be the future superstar in the NBA, but that type of respect doesn't come without a price to pay. Zion will have to accept that he will have to sustain physical beating in the paint if he wants to play the same way he did so far. Perkins thinks Zion should adapt Shaq's mentality when he was not getting calls in the paint, making him even more dominant and mean.

I believe Zion is a future superstar. I believe Zion is the face of the NBA, but this is what Zion needs to realize. People are not going to move out of his way. This is a grown man league. You know what happened when they started fouling Shaq hard. Shaq got more dominant. He got meaner. He started getting more offensive fouls. He started putting an elbow in people's throats and necks to move them out of the way. That is what Zion has to do. He is already dominant, but he needs to get more dominant.

Kendrick Perkins, via ESPN

Perkins is right when it comes to assessing Zion and what he needs to do in future years of his career. He proved already he is the most dominant player in the paint with his incredible combination of speed and strength, shooting exceptionally well from the field just like Shaq did back in the day. However, playing style leads to many cheap fouls and potentially dangerous plays, but if Zion adds more elements to his game, he will be almost unstoppable in the future.

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