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Kendrick Perkins believes Golden State Warriors took Kevin Durant for granted

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Now that Kevin Durant committed himself to the Brooklyn Nets many rumors started floating around what was the reason behind his departure from a team with whom he won two championships in a row. After this year's NBA Finals that were detrimental for Durant because of his career threating injury in game 5, there were indications of the relationship between the Warriors and Durant is not that great.

According to Kendrick Perkins who played with Kevin Durant for several years in Oklahoma City believes the Warriors took Durant for granted especially after their success in recent years. Despite many beliefs that the conflict between him and Draymond earlier this season wasn't serious, it seems it was also one of the reasons Durant didn't want to stay with the team anymore.

If these reasons are accurate they provide a bit more context on the whole story on why Durant left a team that he could potentially win several championships in the upcoming years to go and play for a team that is still in the process of becoming a contender in a much stronger eastern conference.

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"I think KD did everything he was supposed to do. In my opinion, we need to give KD a lot more respect than we do. People will say he joined the 73-9 team but KD still stepped up to the plate since day one. Ever since he touched foot in Seattle, all the way to Oklahoma City he's been their God. He stepped up to the challenge and he is the mastermind of the game and I think this was the best move for him. I think Golden State took him for granted. I think he never bounced back from what he and Draymond Green had going on during the regular season. Those were harsh words that Draymond said. "

Kendrick Perkins on Kevin Durant: "I think Golden State took him for granted. I think he never bounced back from what he and Draymond Green had going on. Those were harsh words that Draymond said" from r/nba


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