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KEEP AN EYE ON SCOTTY PIPPEN JR. “His dad was really a point guard”


College basketball doesn't seem to be likely, but Vanderbilt guard Scotty Pippen J.R., son of the Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, is still putting forth a whole summer effort to improve his shooting efficiency and become an invaluable contributor for the Commodores 2nd year coach Jerry Stackhouse. 

Last summer, the schools kept passing on the point guard prospect. Still, a 1st year Vanderbilt University head coach Jerry Stackhouse saw the opportunity, took the chance, and came up with a potential 'diamond in a rough' of the entire class - Scotty Pippen J.R.!

He knew all along was that Pippen J.R. had a strong senior season for Sierra Canyon HS, one of the top programs in the country, averaging 16.3ppg and 4.6apg for the team, which went 32-3 in 2018-19.

But Stack also has a long-lasting relationship with the Naismith Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, Scottie's father. So, when he was in a position to get Pippen J.R. to Nashville, he didn't hesitate for a second!

Even when he was doing some ESPN, he was always touting me for jobs in the NBA. He’d watch me work, so when I had the opportunity to coach his kid, it was like a no-brainer.

Jerry Stackhouse, 247sports

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Pippen J.R. responded with a strong freshman campaign for the Commodores. 6'1'' point guard started 31 out of his 32 games for the team, while averaging 12.0ppg and 4.2apg. For his accomplishments over the 2019-20 season, he was named to the All-SEC Freshman Team.

However, over the continuation of his career at collegian ranks, the intriguing player will be expected to improve his poor shooting performance from the field, from where he hit the only 39.3% of his shots.
The skilled young guard will have to work hard on this part of the game, in compliance with his own favorite slogan Work hard if you want to be great at something.

Scotty Jr.’s really talented. He just has an understanding of the game, similar to his dad. His dad was really a point guard. Just being able to grow up with that type of figure and a guy having his understanding and mindset toward the game, I handed him the ball from Day 1. There was really no doubt because when we took over here, we didn’t know. We had some guys that jumped in the transfer portal, had some guys — one guy that committed and then decided he wasn’t coming.

Jerry Stackhouse, 247sports

Along with the rest of the SEC and nation, Stack will keep an eye focused at Pippen Jr.'s growth during this summer. If he experiences the growing pattern similar to his father's (while he was at Central Arkansas), Pippen Jr. could show in the preseason camp as a totally different player.

We’re excited about (Pippen Jr.'s) potential and what he can do. I’m hoping that he gets those five inches that Scottie got between his freshman and sophomore years. … If he gets that, man, you watch out. Because he shoots it, he scores it, he’s unselfish, he understands what we’re doing on the defensive end, he understands what we want to get done offensively. So I’m excited to coach him. Hopefully, he catches those five inches between his junior and sophomore years, because I think if he catches them right now, he might not be here too much longer.

Jerry Stackhouse, 247sports

Pippen's further development and eventual growth would certainly encourage the 2nd year coach Jerry Stackhouse in a mission of turning the tide and improving the Vanderbilt last year 11-21 overall record.


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