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KD feels unappreciated

Kevin Durant

"You know they not gonna give me anything. Even if it's on the fence, I have to be clear cut better than everybody, for me to even get a look. I mean, it's just pure hate for me obviously and no appreciation of my real skill for the game. But I get it, I understand where we coming from. I understand what we have here in this building that scares everybody. But for me, I was just proud of the growth I had in that area where I just wanted to be able to be relied upon to guard anybody.

You know, accolades that stuf...that stuff is kinda long gone for me unless it's like, you know...finals or something like that where it's probably pretty even. But regular season awards, I'm never gonna get a look when it comes to that especially playing here for the Warriors."

Rankings and comparisons of individual performance are always tricky in a team sport. That's why I was always more fond of tiers in such discussions. Seems more rational to say ''LeBron, KD, Steph, Harden, these are game-changers" or something like that. They are different, affect the game in different ways and appeal to a different basketball taste. So for KD to go out and say something like this baffles me. He may not be everyone's No.1 guy but he is everyone's tier 1 guy. So where is this sense of underappreciation coming from?

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A casual fan of the sport knows that the Thunder locker room was always regarded as ''very sensitive'' and the reference was most often pointed to KD and Russ. All NBA journalists had an increase in stress levels when talking about reporting from there. I never understood it, they were constantly praised with the caveat that their “your turn-my turn” offense was a legitimate criticism of their game. Just because we criticize does not mean we disrespect you!!!! It is quite spoiled to feel that only unconditional love and praise means you are respected. Then, when we find out you had fake accounts to praise yourself it kind of enforces our views. Regardless of what you think about KD's twitter accounts if he felt the need to do that means he truly did feel underappreciated. The regular season MVP, two-time Finals MVP feels his game is not celebrated enough. OK, I guess.

There's one other thing KD does that baffles me. His “blog boys” comment on The Bill Simmons podcast was the apex of his narrative that he is just a student of the game and all us blog boys know nothing. The man with fake twitter accounts doesn't care what we think. A humble and measured assumption from KD, so just to be transparent, I would like to say that I am sure KD knows more about basketball than I do. Hands down, not even close. What I am willing to state and debate KD on is that someone who wants to be “a student of the game” would probably appreciate his peers and their greatness more. Either you understand that not being everyone's no.1 doesn't mean disrespect because you play in the era of LeBron, Steph, Harden, Davis, Kawhi, Westbrook (to name a few) or in the DPOY award Gobert, Draymond and Kawhi or you think you are, to use your words, “clear cut better than anybody” so it's disrespectful they even got a look. Accolades are “long gone for me”, but if you don't vote for him it's “pure hate obviously”. A student of the game would realize it is “on the fence” (so not being everyone's choice is fine), an insecure diva wouldn't. Can't be both. 

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