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Kawhi laughs!!!

Kawhi Leonard

If you are interested in answers to specific questions, an NBA press conference is the wrong place to be. If you love the NBA and want to see something as rare as a full moon eclipse, well now we have something. He speaks! The Kawhi drama was one of the most mysterious situations in the NBA. No-one had any idea what the f&'% was going on. Today we had the chance to find out, and as it is with pro athletes, we didn't really find out much. Still, today was a special day in NBA history. We saw Kawhi Leonard laugh and smile!

The first question to Kawhi was almost as if his PR team came up with it, a perfect open-ended question: "People up here don't know much about you. How would you describe yourself and what would you want people to know about you?" First of all, it's not just up there, it's everywhere. Kawhi's answer...this is where the PR team has work to do. "I'm a fun guy, obviously I love the game of basketball. I mean, it's just more questions you have to ask me in order for me to tell you about myself. I just can't give you a whole spill. I don't even know where you sittin' at." And then it happened. An honest, spontaneous laugh from Kawhi Leonard!

It's clear Kawhi just isn't comfortable talking about himself and I get it. I actually like people like that. (But if you want a $100 million shoe contract, that will be an issue.) While the beginning of his answer seemed coached, the end was a glimpse into his human side. As it pertains to answers we got none. When asked about the Spurs we got a portion of ''I am just focused on the now''. Concerning his health, he is feeling fine. Is this just a one-year gig or he can see himself staying in Toronto? He wants to play and he came with an open mind, it's a day-to-day process.

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