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Karl Malone is still pissed a teammate asked for MJ's autograph during the '97 Finals


Although Karl Malone got over the fact Michael Jordan's Bulls beat the Jazz in two consecutive NBA Finals, there's still one thing about the first series in '97 The Mailman can't get his head around.

I’m still pissed that I had a teammate that just had a newborn son, and he bought shoes, and he sent the shoes over for MJ to sign. He got a pair of MJ’s shoes and a ball, and he was gonna to take it over to Mike, and I overheard it.

Karl Malone, Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

Speaking to Miles and Q-Rich on the Knuckleheads Podcast, Malone discovered he gave his teammate an earful for his nearly conducted intent. That was neither the time nor the place for such a request, and Michael Jordan sure wasn't the one to meet it.

You know what Michael did? Like a O.G. should do: we’ll kick your a** in (Game 4). He played like sh*t, we beat them but I was still pissed the rest of the series. You can do that sh*t in your offseason. This motherfuc*er is over here kicking our ass, and you want his autograph for your son?

Karl Malone, Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

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The Jazz beat Chicago 78-73, in a game where Michael shot 11-for-27 from the floor and 0-for-4 from three. They tied the series at 2 games apiece as the Finals shifted to Salt Lake City. However, MJ's 38-point bounce-back performance reclaimed a home-court advantage for Chicago as they returned to The United Center and closed out the Finals in six games.

And while that might've been the best chance for Karl Malone to win an NBA championship, it doesn't seem like that's the thing keeping him up at night, over two decades later. However, a teammate asking MJ for an autograph in the midst of the series might be.

Malone showed some empathy in the way he berated the protagonist of the story. This was obviously a guy Karl had the utmost respect for. But regardless of that, he didn't leave us wondering who it was.

I think the world of him, and I respect that teammate to this day, but it was Antoine Carr. I am pissed off about that still.

Karl Malone, Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

Time heals all wounds. Let's hope it'll heal this one as well.

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