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Karl-Anthony Towns shares why basketball players get so much hate


In this day of age, everything NBA players do, both in their professional and private life is under more attention than ever before. Social media also helped the cause because players are more open to sharing more about them while expressing their views and opinions on various issues. Even though most of their fans are usually supportive, there is always a decent amount of hate towards them for their on-court performances or something they did and said privately.

According to Sidelinesources, Karl-Anthony Towns recently talked about the hate players often get from various people regarding their performance on the court and how fans easily forget the good games. That usually tends to be true because fans expect star players to perform on a high level every single game, and when they have off games, the criticism tends to be more relevant than the praise for a good performance.

If you can hit three out of 10 pitches in play and get on base. You're a Hall of Famer. If you don't get a touchdown, but you got to get yards and stuff. They're like, Oh, wow, you know, he got some yards and stuff. Basketball, you don't kind of get that luxury if you have an off night as the most recognizable athlete in the world. He( basketball player) sucks, but they (fans) forgot that you just had 40 for five straight games. You go get 16, and you're like, he is trash?

Karl Anthony Towns, via Sidelinesources

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Towns used an interesting example of James Harden, who faced a lot of criticism in the past few years without making any significant success in the playoffs. Even though Harden is one of the best pure scorers in NBA history, people often take that for granted and discredit his legacy because he hasn't won a championship in his career.

"Once the fans make a narrative of you, that's it. They don't want to change it. Think about James Harden; they talk about him in the playoffs. He averaged 31.6 points in the playoffs; he was killing, he was trying to drag his team into the Finals. And you're telling me the man struggled?

Karl Anthony Towns, via Sidelinesources

Being a superstar player in any sport brings numerous privileges; however, there is also much negativity, especially if good players don't become winners. We've seen it happen multiple times in the NBA when players only got the recognition after winning everything from an individual and team perspective. Fans want their teams to succeed, and star players are supposed to be the crucial pieces to enable that success; however, sometimes, they take things too far in sharing their displeasure.

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