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Jordan Bell with a perfect response if the Golden State Warriors have ruined the NBA


Did the Golden State Warriors ruin the NBA? This is the question that has been circling around after the Warriors signed another all-star to their team.

An average NBA fan would think this statement is true, however, if you ask someone on the Warriors team that question, they think it's complete nonsense

In a recent interview, Jordan Bell mentioned that the Warriors drafted and developed most of their players and therefore created a place and system other all-stars want to play in. He emphasizes that it's other teams fault that they are not able to achieve the same thing as Golden State

Bell had this to say about the Warriors' path to ruining the NBA: “They drafted Steph. Six teams before him could have drafted him. Thirty-four teams could have drafted Draymond. Thirty-seven teams could have drafted me.”

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There were quite a number of teams who passed on these players who turned out to be better than expected. Curry, Green, and Klay are a perfect example of this statement.

A number of teams passed on guys that have turned into absolute studs. Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are prime examples of that.

Bell had a promising rookie season: a tremendous athlete, he finishes lobs and layups with ease and has the quickness and verticality to defend guards and wings. He’s a little undersized, but in the Warriors’ switching scheme, he’s a perfect fit, especially since he’s learning under the master Draymond Green. Bell played well against the Rockets and Cavaliers despite rarely seeing time in the months beforehand, providing energy, defense, and athleticism at the center spot.

Golden State Warriors are in a great position to win another championship next year. They have been doing great things both on the court and off the court attracting the right talent that fits their system. They drafted well and signed the right free agents.

In this type of system, they've implemented other star players in the league see their chance to win a championship and it's not Golden State Warriors fault, but other teams will just need to get better in order to compete with them for a championship.


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