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John Salley tells a story when he met Rodman's transgender friend that he used to trick other men

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In a recent interview for VLADTV, John Salley who was a former teammate of Dennis Rodman for years and a close friend told another crazy story about Dennis Rodman having a transgender in his company to trick other men.

Aside from being the greatest rebounder in NBA history, Rodman is probably one of the most bizarre characters as well. In a recent interview, John Salley explained what happened at a dinner they both attended and in their company was also none other than Jerry Springer. However, Rodman brought a date with him that according to Salley was a transgender who was his close friend but also bait for other men.

"We are at this dinner and there is this blonde at the table and I looked down and you could see the boobs, the look. Marilyn Monroe is at our table and I look again and I look at Dennis and smile and Denis looks at me, he nods, but I'm like nah, not my style. I have a radar for these things, and it was a dude. That's all I have to say, and Jerry Springer was there and said this is one crazy dinner."

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Rodman would often hang out with that person at different events and according to Salley, he used its presence to confuse other men. He loved the fact everybody wanted to get with his girl.

"Dennis later said I was the only person not wanting to holla at her and I said yeah, not my style, not my speed. It was a dude but Dennis was just friends with him but he loved the fact that everybody tried to kick it to him. Dennis's favorite thing was that everybody is trying to thinking they will go around him and get his girl. That was the crazy thing."

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