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Joel Embiid is set to join an elite list of players if he scores 24 points tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies

Joel Embiid

Embiid needs 24 points to join a few other Sixers legends on a pretty elite list

After another dominant performance against the Sacramento Kings, Joel Embiid is set to join an elite company in the Philadelphia 76ers' history.

Another big game from Embiid to save the Sixers

The Sixers and the Kings gave us a wild ending in a game that seemed won by the Sixers only a few minutes before the end of the fourth quarter. Luckily for the Sixers, the Kings couldn't pull it off, and this was another game this season where Joel Embiid was the best player on the court, far superior to everyone else. He finished the game with 36 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists, shooting efficiently from the field and making another claim as a legitimate MVP candidate.

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Embiid can do everything on offense, having a versatile array of moves but an underrated part of Embiid's game is passing, which he obviously worked on. He is a much better player in recognizing situations where he can make his teammates better by putting them in a position to score. We've seen it even more so in the last few games when the opposing teams are actively double-teaming Embiid whenever they can. In a press conference after the game, Embiid said working on his passing and making sure he and his teammates are in sync all the time on the court.

Working on his passing game

"We've been working on that since last year. That's been a work in progress. Nowadays, every time I catch the ball in the post, and obviously every time teams every single night, they double differently. Tonight, they were coming from the baseline. The other night against the Lakers, they were coming from the top of the passer. So, you've gotta adjust. We've got different schemes when it comes to that. Especially when I catch the ball, Matisse [Thybulle], he has one job: he has to cut to the basket. And bring someone in and create a two on one to the other side of the floor. So, that's what we've been working on since last year, and it's helped me a lot become a better playmaker."

The Sixers are playing the Memphis Grizzlies today, and Embiid will have an opportunity to join Wilt Chamberlain (5x), Allen Iverson (4x), and Hal Greer (1x) as the only 76ers players to score 500 points in a calendar month. He needs 24 points tonight to achieve that, and the Sixers are 11-3 during that period which speaks volumes on Embiid's impact. The Grizzlies will be a challenge today, especially with their playing for the past month, looking like one of the most pleasant surprises this season. Embiid will have a tough time tonight against Steven Adams and Jaren Jackson Jr., but with the way he's been playing, it wouldn't be a surprise if he drops a 40-piece as well, joining the other Sixers legends on the list.

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