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“What he's doing right now is absolutely insane” - JJ Redick left speechless by LeBron James' performance this season

According to Redick, there's no precedent of what LeBron is doing in year 20.
January 22, 2023; Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James during pregame introduction ahead of the matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers at Moda Center

LeBron James

Former NBA sharpshooter J.J. Redick has been left speechless by what LeBron James is doing this season.

"No player averaged 20 points per game in their 20th season or later, he's got three 40-point games in his 20th season or later, that has been done once in NBA history and that was Kobe Bryant's last game. What he's doing right he's absolutely insane," Redick said on his latest podcast episode.

The embodiment of longevity

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is rewriting the definition of longevity this campaign, by putting up historic numbers in year 20. The four-time MVP has been the talk of the association, as he has single handedly kept the Lakers within the playoff picture through sheer will and offensive excellence.

Redick admitted he has been amazed by what James is doing, and put some context on just how incredible he's been.

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"Speechless is the word," Redick said. "There's no history, there's no precedent of him. What he's doing right now at his age just to provide some additional color about this seven-game span; he's the first player in Lakers history with 250 points 60 rebounds and 60 assists over a seven-game span, he's the oldest player with 250 points over a seven-game span, and he's the only player to do it after age 35. In fact, he's already done it once, he did it last season."

Redick's sentiment is shared by the masses, and the numbers he rattled off are an insight into his unprecedented play after two decades.

He’s far from done

"The King" is averaging an astounding 29.6 points, 8.4 rebounds, and seven assists per game. What's even more impressive is despite the mileage, James' scoring and rebounding averages are above his career average, and his assist numbers are on par - a clear sign that the 38-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

His play has proved to be even more important when considering championship teammate Anthony Davis has been sidelined for nearly 20 games. Davis was part of the MVP conversation before injuring his foot, and James has taken on the responsibility of saving the season when he could have easily mailed it in.

Now, on the back of James' performances, the purple and gold find themselves just 1 game back in the loss column from the 6th seed in the Western Conference and avoiding the play-in tournament all together.

Not bad for a team that started just 2-10 and destined for the lottery. 


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