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JJ Redick goes off on ESPN analyst for saying Draymond should be quiet and play: "People on Fox News talk about athletes that way"

JJ Redick is here to defend and represent the players.
JJ Redick and Draymond Green

JJ Redick and Draymond Green

It seems like the man of the hour in the first two games of the Warriors-Grizzlies series has been Draymond Green. After getting ejected in Game 1, Draymond followed it up by flipping off the Memphis crowd after they cheered him getting elbowed in the face. Draymond was also very vocal after the games, and that has rubbed some of the media the wrong way. But that's why former player and now ESPN analyst JJ Redick came into his defense.

Shut up and dribble?

After getting elbowed and bloodied in the face by Xavier Tillman, Draymond Green decided to express his hatred towards the Grizzlies fans, giving them the double bird after they cheered his injury. Obviously, the fact that Draymond fouled their guy Brandon Clarke hard in the first game had a lot to do with the animosity.

After the game, Draymond was unapologetic for his actions, flexing the money he earns:

"It just felt really good to flip them off. You're gonna boo someone who got elbowed in the eye and has blood running down your face, you should get flipped off. I'll take the fine. I make 25 million dollars a year. I should be just fine. If they're gonna be nasty, I can be nasty."

Draymond Green, Postgame

Obviously, all the recent actions and statements from the loudmouth Draymond have brought a lot of reactions and criticism to his name. Notably, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo went in on ESPN, bashing Draymond and telling him to focus on basketball:

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"Shut up and play! Will you please? I'm so tired of Draymond Green. Just be quiet and play. Fans boo all the time!"

Chris Russo, ESPN

It seems like Russo is really fed up with Draymond and how the Warriors star is handling the situation, as he spared no words. Well, that didn't sit well with the man next to Russo.

Former NBA player, podcaster, and ESPN analyst, JJ Redick,  got heated and responded to Russo, defending Draymond and players in general:

"I'm not saying it's a race situation. I'm saying that the fans that you're talking about, they talk about athletes that way like you just talked about an athlete. The people on Fox News talk about athletes that way. That's my issue. I don't actually care about the fans that watched Bob Cousy play or watched Wilt play. I don't care. I appreciate that they've been NBA fans that long, but I don't appreciate the undertone."

JJ Redick, ESPN

Like always, Redick brought a lot of honesty and perspective into the debate, proving once again he is a much-needed breath of fresh air on ESPN. Being an NBA player not even a year ago, hearing someone say they should just shut up, not speak their mind and focus on basketball rubbed Redick the wrong way, making him go even after other networks like Fox.

This is the perfect example of what LeBron has advocated for years with his "I will not shut up and dribble" slogan. JJ's response caught the attention of the NBA world, especially players who voiced their support towards Redick for standing up for them. Draymond himself even reacted to it.

It's nice to see someone who has played the game and understands it be on such a big platform to defend the players and put the so-called analysts into their place. Kudos JJ!

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