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JJ Redick calls out Stephen A. for saying players don't fear LeBron as they did MJ or Kobe


The main hot topic of discussion in the NBA world over the past 48 hours has been the incident that occurred during the Lakers-Pistons game the other night. LeBron's cheap shot that bloodied the face of Isaiah Stewart, leading to the young Pistons center chasing James around the arena while being restrained by 20 people without too much success, was one of the most exciting sights seen ever on an NBA court. But, of course, that stirred up numerous headlines, reactions, narratives, and stories around the NBA world.

LeBron doesn't get enough respect?

The tussle led to numerous fines, ejections, and suspensions, as the NBA had to react and show some strictness despite their golden boy LeBron being involved. James is suspended for one game, as he will miss the showdown in MSG. It is definitely not in the league's interest, but they had to show consistency and fairness in their decision.

One of the main topics has been the fact Stewart showed no remorse for going after LeBron, despite being just a 20-year old trying to find his place in the NBA. On the other side, you have the face of the NBA that is rarely confronted by younger players but rather seen as a source of inspiration and admiration. 

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But that hasn't been the case lately, as it is apparent players coming into the NBA today are showing less and less fear of LeBron, leading naturally to disrespect. We already wrote in-depth about this topic, as the on and off-court antics have impacted towards that in a significant measure. Also, the fact LeBron has been slowly falling off with age plays a massive part in that.

Redick checks Stephen A. and causes a flurry of reactions

As said before, the NBA media reacted to all the drama that happened in Detroit. Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick discussed the topic and touched on the subject of fear towards the stars of the game. That led to a pretty interesting debate, as Smith bashed LeBron by saying he doesn't bring fear into his opponents like MJ or Kobe. Redick simply couldn't believe it, as he decided to put Stephen A. in his place:

Smith: "LeBron's not someone that installs fear in didn't mess with MJ, you didn't come at MJ like that. With LeBron, you believe you can take him. Those are all things I consistently heard."

Redick: "To say that LeBron, who's won four championships, multiple league MVPs, made the Finals eight straight years to say he's not feard by players. I don't know whether to believe if you actually believe what you are saying! That's crazy...I played the game, and I played against LeBron in the playoffs; I played against LeBron for 15 years."

">ESPN First Take

Redick's response to Smith found the approval of the NBA fandom, who loved to see the former NBA player put the controversial analyst into his place.

You can see where Stephen A. is coming from, as MJ and Kobe were definitely the most feared basketball players of their era. LeBron may not be on the same level as them, but to say he isn't feared is ridiculous. This man dominated the Eastern Conference for a whole decade and gave numerous teams nightmares. It's great to see Redick speak his mind and keep it real, as it's a true breath of fresh air to see someone like that on ESPN.

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