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Jayson Tatum is great; he's not Kobe-esque though

Jayson Tatum took that next step this NBA Playoffs, despite a bad Finals performance. However, it's still too early to draw parallels between him and late great Kobe Bryant

As great as Jayson Tatum was (and sometimes wasn't), the conversation of him being a Top 5 player opened up even more. Because with his size, the armband, the midrange game, you know where many even threw the name Kobe around.

Twenty-four years old, was taken under Kobe's wing, reached the NBA finals, didn't quite cross the line, but neither did Kobe every time, if we're being fair.

But firstly, these Finals didn't define Tatum, just like 2011 didn't define LeBron. And that's when he was 27, not 24; that's when he had beyond expectation to win the championship -- Tatum didn't have that type of pressure.

But to look at the limitations of any 24-year-old, basketball player or not, and assume that's just who his going to be is absurd. But are we giving him too much value to throw the Kobe name around?

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Obviously, it's always premature to throw these types of names around the young guys. They haven't earnt smack. The other is just how many Kobe Bryant-esque players are there in history?

The odds that Tatum can be compared to him, even if he never matches his pedigree, will always be premature. We know that Tatum led the league in missed shots, so we will start from there. Because Kobe led the league in missed shots six of his first seven seasons away from Shaq...

Not all the cards

But it takes team unity and a willingness to rely on teammates to win, which Kobe did not have for a long stretch. But Tatum does...

So even though Kobe was much more meticulous and much more aggressive, even though his situation allowed him to be that. But finals losses change people. Dirk switched a gear after 06; Shaq did after the Orlando failure, although that switch wasn't flipped for very long, obviously LeBron. So let's not rush to define the youngster right away.

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