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Jay Williams takes a shot at LeBron for saying he will never be 100% healthy again

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For the past month or so, the Lakers are struggling quite a bit, having to play without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Even though Davis is now back in the lineup, it's evident LeBron's absence is hurting them big time. LeBron tried to come back and played two games before being sidelined with the high ankle injury. However, when asked by the media what is the current status of his injury, LeBron simply said he will never be back at 100 percent, primarily because he is now 36 years old. We all know Father Time is, unfortunately, undefeated.

Apparently, that statement by LeBron didn't sit well with NBA analyst Jay Williams who said Michael Jordan would never say something like that simply because of his killer mentality. Williams stressed out he is a big fan of LeBron and believes he is the greatest player of all time, but he disagrees with the way he presented his current physical condition.

I think that LeBron James is the greatest player of all time. I've said it, I still stand by it, but hearing LeBron talk about this the other day. As a guy who played for the (Chicago) Bulls, who's watched Michael Jordan for a long time, I've never heard MJ say something like that.

Jay Williams, via Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

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Williams argued Jordan would never let his opponents know he is hurt, and instead, Jordan would prove to everyone that he is better even if he was injured, which he most certainly did quite a few times in his career.

"MJ just wouldn't say anything at all. You figure out if I'm hurt or not. I don't care if I'm hurt. Me hurt is still better than you. Me being hurt is being on the court competing you, beating you, and then afterward saying I wasn't 100 percent and I still won the damn championship. As a crazy competitor, don't tell me that, I understand that, but I don't know if I want you to say that. As we talk about this greatness thing, doesn't that rub you the or is it just me?

Jay Williams, via Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

When it comes to this type of situation actions, speak louder than words, and LeBron will most certainly get a chance to prove the doubters they are wrong. When he comes back to the starting lineup, there will be a lot of pressure on him to get the Lakers back to the NBA finals because everything less than that will be considered an underachievement. Jordan often time played hurt or sick and rarely complained to the media about his readiness to play. LeBron will have to adopt the same mindset when he gets back because that is what the Lakers need at this stage of the season when the odds of winning another title have significantly decreased.

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