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Jason Williams says Shaquille O'Neal wouldn't be as dominant in today's NBA.

Jason Williams is back at it with the hot takes.
Shaq and J-Will were some of the fan-favorites of the 2000s'.

Shaq and J-Will were some of the fan-favorites of the 2000s'.

As if Jason Williams didn't get flamed enough for saying that Michael Jordan wouldn't be as great if he played in today's NBA, he had to double down on his opinion by bringing in another great into the same conversation. "White Chocolate" also feels that his former teammate Shaquille O'Neal would have found it difficult to dominate today with the way the game has changed.

Where is the logic?

In the same interview in which Williams explained how the way defense treats stars today and covers would make life difficult for MJ, he also mentioned how even a force like Shaq wouldn't be as good:

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“Shaq wouldn’t be as dominant as he was back then today. Just because there would be four, five guys around him that didn’t even have the ball. It’d be tough.”

Jason Williams, BroBible

Many fans disagreed with the MJ take, and I feel this one will get even less approval. The game has changed a lot in favor of perimeter players and shooting, making it much faster and harder for bigs. But still, having that inside presence can make a difference.

Arguably the two best players in the league this season have been centers, and there is no reason Shaq wouldn't be doing the same, if not even better. You could put a 4 out-1 in offense around him, surround him with shooters, and have a very productive offense.

There are not many players that could stop him from dominating down low, and if you commit players to double or triple him, he has the ability to make the right pass to the outside.

That's why this Williams take is complete BS, as numerous players and coaches have already said that a player like prime Shaq would have feasted even more in today's game due to the lack of rim protection and inside presence. He may not fit the shooting playstyle that is taking over the game, but a big and dominant presence under the basket will always be important in the game of basketball.


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