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JASON WHITLOCK FIRES BACK AT MATT BARNES for the negative comments he made about him on Twitter

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Sports journalist James Whitlock responded to a series of upset tweets made by a former NBA player Matt Barnes. After Whitlock criticized LeBron James and some other players portraying them as bigots, Barnes came to LeBron's defense by tweeting some pretty absurd things. That initiated Whitlock to come up with a response in which he pretty much calls Barnes actions idiotic.

Now Matt Barnes is mad because I've criticized LeBron James, another one of his gods, another one of the people that Matt Barnes worships.

Jason Whitlock, via Outkick

Whitlock said he doesn't understand Barnes's comments, because they actually worked together for Fox Sports and he treated Barnes with respect every time. Whitlock describes Barnes as a typical athlete that is out of touch with this world and doesn't have the necessary knowledge to lead.

Matt Barnes is 40 years old and still behaving as a child. I'm 53 years old. I put Matt Barnes on a television show that I was on on Fox Sports, offered him any of the support that he needed. Nothing but nice to the guy. I didn't clown him when he was on the air, even though he's a typical athlete. Spoiled, pampered, not very well researched, but I lent him credibility.

Jason Whitlock, via Outkick

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Whitlock expressed his concern with athletes leading the social and racial injustice movement because of their lack of experience and knowledge to handle such situations. His initial understanding is that NBA players are spoiled and therefore, can't lead in a manner most of them want to lead.

Are they mature enough to lead people to something better, something that creates a positive change? Or are these guys just spoiled, immature, overgrown children who have lived in a protected space where they haven't had to evolve intellectually.

Jason Whitlock, via Outkick

When it comes to Matt Barnes, Whitlock is ready to confront him face to face, and even though we are all hoping cooler heads will prevail in this situation. Whitlock believes this situation with Barnes proves that wrong people can be put in the position of power and leadership even though they don't possess those qualities.

If we run to each other, we run to each other but some sort of physical confrontation with a fat 53-year-old man? That's what you're looking for a tough guy? This is the kind of idiocy that's promoted when we put children, grown children on a pedestal of worship, and put them on a pedestal of leadership. They're not leaders.

Jason Whitlock, via Outkick

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